Membership and Bylaws

Society Organization
Membership and Bylaws

SPMicros Membership

SPMicros Members are divided into the following four classes:

  • Founding members
  • Effective members
  • Honorary members
  • Beneficial members

To be a member of SPMicros, you must be supported by two current members of the society and admission will be decided by the Board.

To propose the admission of new members, the available form should be used. If you are already a member of SPMicros and wish to update your data, please e-mail us your updated information.

The yearly membership fee is 20 euros and should be paid by bank transfer to IBAN: PT50003508240000680543064. Please e-mail the proof of payment, along with billing and contact data. This email contact can also be used to clarify overdue membership fees.


Please consult here the Bylaws of SPMicros. The published Statutes of SPMicros include the latest amendments approved by the General Assembly.